Commercial Offence, Misdemeanor & Administrative proceeding

Mihaj, Ilić & Milanović lawyers are experts at providing counsel and representation in matters relating to commercial offences, misdemeanor & administrative proceeding. We develop necessary solutions through top-tier advice by optimizing legal exposure and overcoming administrative hurdles.
Members of our team regularly represent clients in high-stakes commercial proceedings before various courts in Serbia and the region. For each individual client, we develop a unique strategic approach to resolving their problem based on our extensive trial and appellate experience. We also offer our services to any individual, legal entity or any other person who believe their statutory interests have been violated by providing counsel and representation in administrative proceedings before the Administrative Court in Serbia and corresponding regional authorities. Mihaj, Ilić & Milanović lawyers also have a wealth of experience in counseling and representing clients in misdemeanor cases. We are well aware that the fear associated with misdemeanor charges can be a lot to take, so we put expert criminal defense lawyers that not only handle all the important aspects of the case but represent client’s best interest. To that end, we conduct interviews with relevant parties, review all relevant forensic evidence in cooperation with outside experts, negotiate plea-bargain with relevant prosecutors to obtain a dismissal, reduction in charges or develop alternative sentencing arrangements.
Our lawyers counsel and represent clients by providing advice and support on the following matters: