By combining unique breadth of our knowledge, business-savvy approach and extensive experience in Serbia, Montenegro and throughout the region, Mihaj, Ilić & Milanović litigation practice is at the cutting edge of leading commercial and corporate litigation. Our lawyers counseled and represented clients in cases that required sophisticated knowledge of both domestic and international law before relevant authorities across the region.
The hallmark of our team is that we approach every client matter with a signature combination of thoroughness, intensity and creativity. We treat every client matter and case as though it were to go to trial, meticulously formulating and organizing every significant fact in a coherent manner. This approach enables us to adapt to each and every situation with respect to the governing law, understand and articulate core challenges and themes, and develop a supreme factual record necessary for each case. The goal is always the same, represent each client’s position in a simple and compelling way by effectively organizing and presenting vast evidentiary records. Another staple of our practice is the pragmatic style of our lawyers. If we believe it is in our client’s best interest to go to trial, we will take the case to trial. If we believe recommending a settlement is better, we will do so. Regardless of the case, we are always working in our client’s best interest by helping them weigh the pros and cons, costs and risks of litigation.
Our lawyers represented individuals and leading local and international businesses in various industries including banking, construction, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, metals & mining, oil & gas, telecommunications and virtually every other industry existing in the region. This blend of distinctive approach, extensive trial experience and business-oriented style, coupled with the fact that we are the first specialized litigation boutique in the region, enables us to handle most complex and novel disputes.
Our lawyers counsel and represent both plaintiffs and defendants by providing advice and support on the following matters: