Investment Incentives & Foreign Direct Investment

Serbia today is one of the most investor-friendly destinations in Europe. This is due to its still largely untapped natural resources, skilled and educated labor force, and a very generous system of incentives available to foreign investors interested in establishing their production and operations in Serbia. Incentives available include direct cash subsidies, significant tax breaks and various forms of in-kind governmental support, primarily land and infrastructure.

MIM Law’s partners have helped many clients develop their green-field and brown-field investments in Serbia, and acquired specific know-how in this area. We routinely help both foreign and domestic investors in the optimization, negotiation and utilization of investment incentives, before central and local governments and specialized governmental agencies. We also provide legal and practical support in the acquisition of land, construction and lease of production facilities, staffing and drafting of related employment documents and bylaws, financial structuring of local operations, as well as relationships with local governments.

Our Investment Incentives & Foreign Direct Investment services cover:

– Structuring and optimization of investment incentives, including direct subsidies, in-kind governmental support, and tax breaks in the area of corporate income tax, payroll taxes, and free trade zones
– Contract negotiation related to subsidies with the Development Agency of Serbia and the Government of Serbia
– Negotiations with central government and municipal authorities on matters concerning land, land infrastructure, construction and lease of production facilities
– Business plans and subsidy applications
– Assistance in the preparation of applications for the disbursement of subsidies
– Construction and lease of business premises
– Staffing, employment documentation and occupational health and safety