Real Estate and Construction

Managing a real estate portfolio in Serbia and Montenegro can be challenging and often very complex. Over the last couple of years the Serbian government has managed to create a stimulating legal environment for the construction industry. Formalities surrounding construction permits have been relaxed significantly, and procedures have been clarified and streamlined. Tax breaks have been introduced to free-up cash-flow in the construction industry. The result of these efforts is a wave of new real estate projects across the country.

MIM attorneys are well-versed in the complexities of real estate projects and boast extensive experience in providing domestic and international clients advice in these matters. We help clients to simplify legal processes, comply with local regulations, minimize costs and achieve their goals.

Our Real Estate and Construction services cover:

– Real estate acquisitions, including due diligence, and the sale and purchase agreements;
– Construction contracts;
– Conversion procedures;
– Construction permits and related permits
– Land use, construction and development
– Real estate portfolio management