Regulatory & Compliance

The Serbian regulatory environment is marked by the proliferation of new regulatory requirements and institutions borrowed from legal systems of developed countries, primarily through the EU accession process. Certain regulatory areas are a completely new to the Serbian legal system. Agencies tasked with implementing these rules have not yet established a consistent and reliable body of jurisprudence. As a result regulations may sometimes be confusing and difficult to apply in a consistent manner.

In such an environment efficient legal support requires experience and a practical understanding of the history of a given regulatory area, coupled with a pragmatic approach to their interpretation and application. MIM Law provides support to clients in the area of regulatory compliance, from general advice on specific regulatory areas, to harmonization of contracts, transactions and corporate policies to comply with local regulatory requirements, in following areas:

– Data Protection & Privacy;
– Trade regulations;
– Consumer protection, advertising & media;
– E-commerce and digital economy;
– Banking regulations, payment and foreign exchange operations;
– Environmental protection;
– General public law, including administrative law, state budget and administration, state enterprises and municipal regulations.