While in many aspects clear and coherent, Serbian contract law is somewhat outdated and fails to address a number of legal issues inherent in contemporary commercial transactions. Moreover, in many aspects Serbian contract law is debtor-friendly, rather than creditor-friendly. Therefore, meticulous contract drafting is paramount, for both customers and suppliers, in particular with regard to provisions governing liability, damages, specific performance, and provisions governing choice of law and choice of forum. Careful choice of adequate security instruments is also very important as not all security instruments available under the law are equally efficient.

The unique combination of expertise in dispute resolution and in general commercial law puts us in a position to provide practical and efficient advice about optimizing the structure a client’s contracts. MIM lawyers have in-depth experience in drafting and reviewing different types of contracts related to any aspect of your business. Our Commercial services cover:

– Drafting and/or reviewing and optimizing production, procurement, service and supply agreements;
– Outsourcing agreements;
– Distribution agreements;
– Franchise agreements;
– Public tenders and public procurement agreements;
– Strategic partnerships and project-based agreements;
– Drafting model agreements and general terms of business;
– Drafting contract policies for a company’s main types of contracts;
– Assistance with drafting settlement agreements, both court settlements and out-of-court settlements.